Sangaku Taro Shop in Yakushima is specialized in hiking gear and clothes for rent and sale. We also have related goods such as provisions, gas cartridge, portable toilet, and more!

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* There is a minimum rental period of 2 days for all our gears and clothes. You can rent and return on the same day but the price is the same as 2 days. You are welcome to rent more than 2 days for a longer trip.
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
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* Rental items can be picked up between 9:00 and 18:30. If you need them early in the morning, please pick come pick them up the day before.
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* Please return by 6:30 p.m. on the scheduled return date. NO REFUND even if rental is unused or returned earlier than the supposed date.
* If you are hiking Jomon-sugi on the day of return, you can still return the items in time even if you take the last bus from Arakawa (18:00).
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* 19.0~29.0cm 0.5cm bigger than your regular size is recommended.
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* Women (S~L・L-S), Men (S~XL・L-S), Kids (130/140/150)
Backpack Quantity Size for each
* 20L (for a day trip), 40L, 50L
Backpack Rain Cover Quantity Size for each
* 20L, 30L, 40L, 45L, 60L
Trekking Pole Quantity * For double poles, please request 2 poles.
Spats Quantity
Headlamp Quantity
Sleeping Bag Quantity Type for each
* 3 types: Mountain (3 season), Mountain (winter), Easy camping (not for mountain)
Aluminum Roll Mat Quantity
Inflatable Air Mattress Quantity
Tent Quantity Type for each
* 3 types: 1p, 2pp, 4pp
Stove Quantity * Not incl. gas cartridge(available for sale)
JETBOIL Quantity * Not incl. gas cartridge(available for sale)
Cooker Quantity Type for each
* 3 types 1p, 2~3pp, 4~5pp
Titanium Cup Quantity
Others Quantity Name of items you want to rent
* Snow Spike, Coffee Kit (with filter holder or percolator), Carrier, Baby Carrier, etc.

●Act on specified commercial transactions

Company Name: Sangaku Taro Co., Ltd.
Address: 410-8 Anbo, Yakushima-cho, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima 〒891-4311 TEL 0997-49-7112 FAX 0997-49-7113
Representative: Taro Watanabe
Sales Price: Indicated on the description page
Other Expenses: None
Application Period: Customer is required to book by the rental day. Customer can call and book when renting on the same day.
Payment Method: In cash at the shop
Delivery Time of Goods: The date requested at the time of reservation
Refund and Returning Goods: A cancellation fee will be charged in the event of a cancellation by the customer. 30% of the price if canceled from7 days to 2 days prior to the rental date 50% of the price if canceled the day before or on the rental day

●Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Information Sangaku Taro Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sangaku Taro”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information provided by customers, and handles such information carefully with reasonable management to prevent its inappropriate disclosure to third parties.
Purpose of Use The personal information obtained from customers will be used for the following purposes:
-Creating Sangaku Taro’s customer list
-Delivery of notice from Sangaku Taro
-Outsourcing Sangaku Taro’s service to outsourcing contractors
-Taking travel accident insurance
-Measures for emergency situations
-Other operations related to all above
Disclosure of Personal Information Except for cases of legal disclosure requests, Sangaku Taro will not provide or disclose the personal information obtained from customers to any third party without the consent of the person concerned for any purposes other than those described above.
Inquiries and Complaints Sangaku Taro will disclose, correct or suspend use of the personal information as appropriate to the circumstances upon the request from the person concerned. Also, Sangaku Taro will respond to any inquiries or complaints concerning handling of personal information.
Scope of Application This privacy policy applies only to this site. Sangaku Taro is not responsible for the collection of personal information at the external websites linked from this site.
Data Protection Measures Sangaku Taro will take necessary measures such as setting passwords for the data files including the personal information in the computers to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of such information.